Indigenous Management Research in Vietnam: new research initiatives

Thirty years after the successful implementation of the Doi Moi policy, the emergence of large Vietnamese firms offers the opportunity to better understand management practices in this emerging market, then contributing to the development of global management knowledge. Based on secondary data analysis, the authors investigate some locally-meaningful constructs and measures in some Vietnamese firms, are for example the local phenomena of cá nhân, and propose a project methodology to draw on indigenous approach for developing new management concepts. The authors conclude with some implications for indigenous management research from a more global perspective.

The research study, entitled ‘INDIGENOUS MANAGEMENT RESEARCH IN VIETNAM: A REVIEW AND NEW PERSPECTIVES’ by Dr. Jean-Yves Le Corre and Ms Margaret Tran, will be presented at the International Conference on Business, Economics and Information Technology (ICBEIT), to be held at the Fort Canning Lodge in Singapore on March 18th and 19th 2019

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