Globalisation of Management Knowledge: the role of Transnational Education

At the International Seminar on ‘Chinese Emerging Multinationals and the Globalisation of Management Knowledge’ which took place on August 17th 2018 at the Bulacan State University, Philippines, Jean-Yves Le Corre, Director of Asia Center for Management Indigenous Research & Education, encouraged participants to develop a critical understanding of commonly accepted ‘Western- centred’ management approach and theories. By using the example of Chinese globalising firms, through their strategies, their models and key factors of success, Dr Jean-Yves Le Corre  invited participants to leverage knowledge on ‘ new phenomena’ in the Philippines fast-growing economy and to ‘nurture’ management concepts which are ‘context-specific’ and ‘context-sensitive’.

The Seminar emphasised the role of transnational education in the globalisation of management knowledge.

If you like to receive a free copy of the video recording of International Seminar, please contact us through the Contact page

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